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Discord Rules

1. No spamming 

Do not overload a channel with a similar message. 

2. Be respectful to all

Be respectful to everyone. You may not be disrespectful. As long as you are here, everyone is family.

3. Do not advertise 

You may not post any links or any form of an advertisement on this server. If you do, there will be severe consequences.

4. No discrimination 

You may not discriminate against another because of their race or sexuality. Everyone is family.

5. Post messages in the correct channel 

Don’t post anything off-topic in a channel. This is for the purpose of the organization.

6. No threats 

You may not threaten someone over their personal information, life, or in any other way. There will be VERY SEVERE consequences if you do. 

7. Do not post any NSFW 

You may not post sort of nudity here. 

8. Listen to staff 

You must obey staff members if you are breaking a rule. 

9. Do not ping for no reason

Do not ping a staff role or a staff member if you don’t have a valid reason. 

10. No impersonation

You may not impersonate a bot or a server member. 

In-Game Rules

1. Inappropriate behavior will not be acceptable

Spam, sexual slurs, racial slurs, etc will not be tolerated! If we find you doing it, you will be muted!

2. Respect others 

What I mean by this is that you must RESPECT other people. This includes there information, race, gender, sexuality, etc... Breaking this rule will result in a mute!

3. No abusing

If you are caught glitching or exploiting a bug, You will be banned PERMANENTLY. Please always inform us when there is a bug, dupe, glitch, etc... so we can make this server better & greater for the rest of the community! 

4. Hacking and clients

Any sort of hack / Client will result in a ban. 

  • This excludes clients such as zLauncher, Lunar, Badlion, etc.... 

5. SS(screen-sharing) rules

When a staff member asks you to SS, you will have a time period of 5 minutes to send the code, once that time is up & the code hasn’t been sent, you will be banned for a month.     

  • NOTE: You can always ask for proof regarding the SS. If we don’t have proof on why we should SS, you then you don’t have to SS. You may ask for the reason/proof if you wish too.
  • DO NOT allow other people to SS. You as you would be putting yourself at harm! You have been warned!

6. Threats

Any sort of DDoS threats will result in an IP-Ban. We take this seriously! Even a joke about DDoSing will get you IP-Banned, so don’t do it! 

  • Never give anyone your information. This is the internet & you don’t know who the person is or what his intentions are with your info. Also never click unknown Links! Don’t trust any links from players! Always ask a staff member for links to places such as voting, Buycraft, etc....